Kingdom Come, Death to the Illuminati and Secret Societies. Underworld Revolution.

Ballad Of A Dead Soulja

How it all started. This is the 2007-2008 Myspace Blog that reached #3 out of hundreds of thousands of blogs. The #1 and #2 blogs were why religion is wrong by human evolution and why evolution is right by human evolution which was a cia puppet account with over 1.5 BILLION kudos and Myspace only had 300-400 million users. Once I exposed this they shut Myspace down and brought everyone to Facebook…

NOTE: This is where ALL of my research, groups and pages started back in 2008 on Myspace. Note that this blog was written when I was first “waking up” and it was based upon the FLAWED most accepted thought that the Rothschild and Rockefeller Families where the top families and bloodlines. The fact is that the papal bloodlines and black nobility are the true HIDDEN hands and that is where the true power lies. However, he figureheads of the illuminati in the west are the Rockefeller’s and the figureheads of the east are the Rothschild’s.


“`Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us today our daily bread. Forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one. ‘” (Matthew 6:9-13)

What is the “Illuminati”? The Illuminati are made up of many people, organizations, secret societies, cults and businessmen working together to enslave the entire human race under their demonic New World Order plans.

The blueprint of their New World Order Plan was written many years ago and they just continue to follow the blueprint of their “Architect”. Their architect is Satan or Lucifer. The Illuminati are a group of Elitist who believe that they are superior to everyone else in this world and that we all should worship them as Gods and our only purpose is to serve their inbred bloodlines.

There are many Satanic Bloodlines within the Illuminati’s top tier include the following families:

  • The Astor Bloodline
  • The Bundy Bloodline
  • The Collins Bloodline
  • The DuPont Bloodline
  • The Freeman Bloodline
  • The Kennedy Bloodline
  • The Li Bloodline
  • The Onassis Bloodline
  • The Reynolds bloodline
  • The Rockefeller Bloodline
  • The Rothschild Bloodline
  • The Russell Bloodline
  • The Van Duyn Bloodline
  • The Merovingian Bloodline
  • The Disney Bloodline
  • The Krupp Bloodline
  • The McDonald Bloodline

For an in-depth description about these various bloodlines please go to this site and read about the truly evil things these families have done and continue to do.

(At this time this was the best site to use and the one everyone was promoting as the “truth” but my later research shows just how truly mistaken I was. At the time I knew nothing about the papal bloodlines and was just learning about these families. For the BEST information regarding the true rulers see my links above.)

Where do these families come from you may ask? Most of these bloodlines have been carried down since the days of ancient Babylon, Egypt, Rome and other countries. These bloodlines are the very ones who have been in control of the masses for thousands of years, they have been the reason for every war in which this world has seen. So who is their ruler? That would be Satan or Lucifer himself, the self proclaimed messiah, the light bearer, Lucifer or Pharaoh.

David Rockefeller is now the KING or figurehead of the United Snakes of America and the western world. The Rockefeller’s have brought their bloodline down all the way from the Pharaoh’s of Egypt to this present day by inbreeding and only marrying into top Satanic/Occult families like the ones named above.

The Kingdom of the Eastern Hemisphere is ruled by the Rothschild Bloodline. There are many different branches of these families under many different names. They hide their bloodlines so they can place their own in power all around the world. Every United States president has been related to the Royal families of Britain, England and many more families within the hierarchy of the Occult bloodlines. The rock-en-fellers are one of the top satanic bloodlines and are from Satan himself.

The Rockefellers started off as the rock-en-fellers. They own just about all of the land in New York City and New York. The net worth of John D Rockefeller Sr was in the billions by the late 1800’s and no one knows the true wealth of these families but themselves.

Bill Gates is nothing more than a puppet and has nothing compared to the older bloodlines like the Queen of England, Pope, Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Morgans etc.

The EMPIRE STATE of satan was founded in New York or the Big Apple of Sin. Manhattan was founded upon bedrock like the kingdom of the cavemen. If you recall the Flintstones there is a reason for everything they tell you or plant subliminally.

The slogan for the Rockefeller owned insurance company is so easy a caveman can do it. The world trade, stock exchange and united nations are all apart of this empire state, this is why the GOLDEN CALF is on Wall Street.

The Rockefellers want a new world order and they formed the United Nations, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group and much more to accomplish this. We are in the final stages of them implementing the final part of their blueprint which is to try to kill everyone except for 550 million personal slaves. See the Georgia Guide stones for more information on this.

So how does their organizational structure work?

Let’s start at the bottom and work our way to the top. The bottom of the pyramid is the easiest to control, manipulate and eliminate. The bottom consists of various secret societies and organizations like the entry level Freemasons, Shriners, Red Cross, United Way, Fraternities, Sororities and various other “Secret Oath Groups”

These are the spies and snitches working for the middle and upper classes of the Illuminati. Most of these people are not truly aware of what they are involved in because they don’t have the access to the true plans, they just want to be apart of something and be accepted. This is how the Illuminati control your local governments, House of Representatives and Businesses.

The Free-masonic Lodges are were you find your “Semi-Rich Bloodlines” within your local communities, Police, Judges, Lawyers, Businessmen, Mayors etc etc. The higher they get into the ranks of these secret societies, the better the jobs they will have, i.e Police Chiefs, Correctional Captains, Wardens, Mayors, Doctors, House of Representatives, Deans of College and the higher levels of your local communities. Most of these people create bloodlines by having their children join the various societies and continuing their influence only marrying into “Bloodlines” like theirs.

The highest positions within our government, politics and businesses are reserved for their top bloodlines or people who have Ivy League educations. What is the major difference in the education of Ivy League schools? Most of the Ivy Leagues schools students are already from an elite family or they are real poor but yet really smart students who can be manipulated easier by the control of their professors.

In case you are not aware of it, Ivy League schools are were all of the Presidents, Prime Ministers, Kings, Queens, Chief Executive Officers, Supreme Court Judges, Doctors, Educational Presidents and Deans are made at or go to.

A majority of the students going to these schools already believe there is no God and that they are themselves Superior to the “poor”. Ivy League schools like Yale, Harvard, Cornell, Oxford etc etc are responsible for many of the plagues that have ravaged the poor including Aids, Influenza, H1N1, Powder Cocaine, Crack Cocaine, Heroine, Prescription Drugs etc.

They are rewarded for finding new and improved ways to kill the average human or make our life expectancy decline. The following picture is a good description of the core of the Illuminati’s Organization. I will go into further details later on in this blog about the various ways they manipulate the masses, this section was just an over view of how their organization works.

Manipulation of Consciousness and Thinking

Women’s Liberation

It is said that we learn more in the first 5 years of our lives than we do in the rest of our natural lives. The truth behind this is that for the first 5 years of our lives we are not taught lies and we are left on our own to explore the truth about right and wrong, safe and unsafe, moral and immoral.

As Rockefeller said the entire reason the bloodlines allowed the women’s liberation movement to move forward was for these reasons:

1. It takes the children away from their mothers to be taught by their teachers and to be more dependent upon others than their parents.

2. It doubles the taxes that can be collected by a single family.

3. It allows for corporations like McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy’s and the rest of the fast food companies control of our diets because the women are no longer willing or able to prepare good nutritious food for our children.

4. It is easier to control and manipulate the women that control and manipulate their husbands if they work for your business.

5. It destroys the homes. The children and men are not being taken care of like most want and it creates opportunities for people to cheat on their partners because things are lacking within their relationships.


The most important aspect of the illuminati’s control is the manipulation of the media. The Illuminati own basically every major television station, radio station, website, major artist, Hollywood actress or actor and every other form of media that the “Sheep” will flock to.

The objective is to teach the public the wrong way to think, to rely on their peers to guide them in choices, to look at role models like artists, actors, writers etc and to follow in their materialistic ideals.

The main purpose is the art of disinformation, giving the public a false sense of knowledge about TRUE history. Think about it, they take God out of schools but yet teach about Greek God’s like Zeus, Apollo, Aphrodite. These are the very deities that most of their bloodlines used to worship besides the true God.

If you wonder why people are having abortions, becoming homosexual, becoming demonic then look at the very ones you allow your children to watch and listen to their music. It is just as much the parents fault as the artists fault because you don’t take the time to talk to your own kids and understand them. If you have never read Behold A Pale Horse by William Cooper, I highly recommend reading it to understand this more.

Another major thing to point out is that the Illuminati own most major “social” websites and they all work together to turn your kids into sluts, perverts, devil worshipers and complete slaves to materialist ideologies. Most of the advertising on these websites like the dating ads are pictures that can be traced to porn sites. There are many groups of people online who are preying on your children so they can get nude pictures, molest, rape, kill or rip them off and thee sites have been informed of these people.

I myself have sent out lists but they are not a worthy cause when in fact most of these people work for them so we can spend more to fight against the very ones they promote. If you would like a list of the people who are involved with child porn, rape and promotion of evil then message me.

The following is a list of websites that children go to that gets them more myspace friends and are the very ones who promote the destruction of our children morally and spiritually. This is why you see certain people becoming “Myspace Famous” like Tila Tequila, Jeffrey Star etc etc. They want these people to become famous via myspace so that kids are easier to manipulate by these people thinking they will get more exposure and become famous.

Entertainment Industry Illuminati Artists

When I was growing up my favorite artist was 2PAC Shakur and it still is. 2Pac was fighting the Illuminati since he started rapping, 2Pac was a poet and artist but he fought for his people and the media crucified him because of it.

His last cd before he disappeared was Makaveli-the Don KILLUMINATI.

Why was Tupac killed?

Because he was fighting the freemasons and demons, because he believed in Jesus Christ and God but no one would listen to him. It is easier to throw a stone than to understand why you are throwing it. 2Pac was about changing the ways we think about each other, stopping gang violence, stopping treating women like bitches, and about love.

He went up against the world to try to save his people. He saw that the rapper Nas was a freemason, he saw that Mobb Deep were devil worshippers and he saw that Jay Z had just started his record label. ROC-A-FELLA RECORDS.

They sent him to jail for rape in which he didnt do, they killed his friends and family, they tried to kill him many times. 2Pac was involved with a rap battle with Notorious Big and Sean “Puffy” Combs of Bad Boys records because they were the ones who tried to kill him the first time and stop him from speaking out for the black community.

Study Sean Combs father and then study the true ” American Gangster” Frank Lucas then you will understand the BIG picture about Bad Boy Records. With 2Pac out of the way Jay Z became the biggest rapper and he single handedly helped to destroy millions of young black lives.

Rap went from a person like 2Pac who was promoting change and hope to Jay Z who promoted drug dealing, big pimping, Bentley’s, Cigars, Liquor etc etc. Jay Z was bought and paid for by John Rockefeller to destroy the black youth. Jay Z has a new label called Roc Nation. He is a master mason and his blueprint 3 album was his initiation into the 3rd degree as you can tell by “We Run This Town” music video.

Rihanna, Beyonce, Kanye West, Lady Gaga, Lil Wayne and many more work with them to destroy the youth. Furthermore, the deaths of Michael Jackson, Eric Wright, Christopher Wallace and Aaliyah can be attributed to the Illuminati so that Jay Z and Beyonce can take over the “nigger” kingdom as Tupac put it.

Rap and R&B would not be what it is now if Tupac and Aaliyah were still alive. Aaliyah was about hope and making relationships work. Beyonce and Jay Z are about destroying relationships and about material goods. Michael Jackson was about to expose the Illuminati that is why he was killed. Look at his videos after being acquitted for child molestation, he is talking about the Illuminati!

They don’t care about us, THINK ABOUT IT!!

Control of Economics, Energy, Education, Banking and Finance

This is quite easy if you look at what Mayor Rothschild said, “If you give me control of a Nation’s monetary supply it matters not who makes the laws.”

The Illuminati have controlled major businesses, banking, religion, the military and economies for centuries. The top 13 Satanic Bloodlines mentioned earlier control over 90% of total wealth in the world. It is quite easy for them to pool their resources together to control any type of business, economy or nation they wish.

This was the entire purpose behind the “Declaration of Independence” it was not about everyone having an “American Dream” it was about promoting capitalism and tyranny. Most of our “founding fathers” were either Freemasons, illuminati, elitist or Luciferians.

George Washington was a freemason and was apart of an elite family. Benjamin Franklin was a devil worshiper, freemason and a member of the Hell Fire Club. The blueprint for the New World Order was written by the Architects which were the founding fathers and the Satanic Bloodlines.

Their plans never come through because the “sheep” will not conform unless they are made to do so. World War 1 and World War 2 was just used to move us into the “Industrial Age” which is what I call the materialistic idiot age of man. It was started by the Rothschild’s, Fords, Morgan’s, Rockefellers and the rest of the Illuminati to eliminate millions of people by wars and introduce the “skynet agenda” which is moving from human labor to machine labor.

The Great Depression was just an orchestrated illusion that sent trillions of dollars to the top bloodlines while millions of people lost homes and starved. The same thing is happening now and Barack Insane Obama just gave them billions if not trillions of our tax dollars to prepare to kill us all.

Energy is controlled by the Illuminati by either killing off the competition or buying them out like the Rockefeller’s are so good at doing. The poor people are harassed or killed until they can buy up all of the land and natural resources. Anything that will actually help save energy and Natural Resources is bought by these people and kept under wraps or inventors of energy saving inventions are either bought off, imprisoned or killed like Tesla’s many inventions that would eliminate the need for fossil fuels. The entire point is not to save natural resources but to gain them all and use them up. The bottom line is the bottom dollar.

There are millions of inventions that would make using gas, oil and other resources more efficient or obsolete but that doesn’t make money to the bankers so it isn’t worth it’s weight in garbage.

In the 70’s there were tires made that would never wear out which would save people money, save the environment and our future but it wasn’t in the best “interest” of the big business who make tires because it eliminates return customers. The same can be said about car motors that run on WATER but the inventors were made to look insane or either killed.

Education is easy to manipulate if you apply the same principles. The good teachers who won’t join the “good ole boy” club are not promoted. The teachers/professors who came from Ivy League Schools are promoted and teach the core subjects to the poor students.

What is taught is not what is reality, it is an illusion of what history they wanted you to learn. The good teachers are held back while the ones who kiss up, join clubs and are the spies are promoted to higher positions up to the Deans and Presidents of colleges. Most of the clubs are ran by these kind of people and this is how they control the local politics/businesses.

Gangs and Drugs

The Illuminati are the international banking cartels and they also finance the drug cartels and gangs of the evil ones. Some gangs were started just for protection against evil gangs like the Aryan Nation, Hells Angels, etc etc.

You can basically tell what gangs are good or bad by the tattoos and symbols in which they have/use. The bloods and crips both started in prisons to help the black inmates against the other groups trying to harm them. I don’t condone gang killings for money or greed. I do however agree with the Thug Code in which Tupac initiated into the gangs.

It is time for all righteous sets to unite against the forces of evil. Drugs are controlled by the Illuminati because they control the law enforcement and the transportation routes, there was never a “War on Drugs” there have been many wars on the righteous drug dealers trying to sell drugs and help their people or feed their families, an example would be Pablo Escobar. He was murdered by the US government so they could have the evil drug cartels take over his organization.

The War in Afghanistan is just a war for oil pipelines and Heroin trafficking. They kill all of the God fearing gangs/drug cartels and let the evil ones continue to distribute the drugs.

The low level drug dealers who are Demonic or free masonic are allowed to sell drugs, in turn they snitch on the righteous dealers and the police bust them. The drugs that are taken from the honest dealers are then given to the evil ones to sell and the police get a share of the profits.

The entire purpose of crack, cocaine, heroin, pills and meth is to destroy the poor and it get the businessmen that are righteous in prison to be raped and tormented by demons and turned into demons.

All major drugs like cocaine, heroin, crack, weed, meth or opium is produced and distributed by the cia and fbi.

In case you didn’t know the KKK and NAACP work for the Illuminati and Freemasons. Jessie Jackson and Farahhakan are both 33 degree freemasons, now you wonder why and how Martin Luther King Jr and Malcom X were infiltrated. Their purpose is to create hate which is the diversion.

This is the purpose of the war on drugs, it is a war on the poor and righteous people of this world…The pope is the “God Father” of the Italian mafia and head of all secret intelligence agencies. They have spies as police, priests, psychologists, school teachers, social services, ss, doctors and anyone else you would confide you secrets to.

Interesting facts for you: On April the 30th, 1789 George Washington was sworn in as president at the Federal Freemasonic Hall.

Adolf Hitler and his woman were supposed to have killed themselves on on April 30th.

The royal wedding of prince William was also April 30th, 66 years from Hitlers death.

Osama Bin Laden was supposed to be killed on May 1st or it was announced.

That is also 66 years from Hitlers announced Death.

There are 66 books in the bible.

May is the 5th month and these things happened on 1st day. 5+1=6, 666 all of this is occult and is very important to them.

The Illuminati was formed on May 1st, 1776…

April 30th is 119th day of year.

119 backwards is 911 and this is why 9/11 was day us bombed own buildings to go to war with Afghanistan, Iraq and others.

9/11 was date that us courts broke up the House of Rockefeller’s standard oil company into many smaller parts because of anti trust and monopoly laws.

Everything has been going according to the Zionist Rockefeller and Rothschild’s planning but was ordered by ancient nobles of the papal bloodlines in Rome whom are the true ones behind the grey pope, black pope and white popes. They are higher than the society of Jesus or Jesuits and Knights of Malta

Osama Bin Laden was and is a Cia trained operative.

His name is Tim Osmand.

Bin Laden is a Prince of Saudi Arabia and a billionaire.

Bin laden was trained by the us government to fight off the Russians in Afghanistan so the Saudi’s and Americans could control the oil pipelines and opium poppy plants.

Bin Laden is apart of the royal families or bloodlines of Satan and he is related to George Bush.

George Bush is related to Prince Charles and the crown of England/UK.

The bush bloodline can be traced back way past the financing of Adolf Hitler by Union Bank and Prescott Bush all the way back to King Herod in the bible that killed all of the infants in the days of the infant baby Jesus.

Bin Laden is no more dead than is his relative via the Saudi and Bush bloodlines Barack Hussein Obama.

Every united states president have been related to the royal families of Britain and were all apart of the occult and freemasonry.

The united states was founded by a bunch of weed smoking, child molesting and sacrificing Freemasons.

Benjamin Franklin was an occultist, satanist, freemason, child rapist and member of the hellfire club.

Saddam Hussein was also an agent of the Us government during the 1980’s and 90’s. He was funneled money by the cia to fight a civil war between the Sunni and Shi Muslim populations in Iraq and Iran. He was given money, weapons, intelligence and dirty bombs to wipe out Iran and the Shi populations of Iran and Iraq.

The Iran Contra affair was about the cias covert operations in other south American countries to control the selling and production of powder cocaine and crack cocaine that they were flooding the poor black and white communities with in order to create billions of dollars in revenues for the war on drugs, selling of drugs, lawyers, taxes, fines, tickets and all other forms of revenue generating ventures the corporate united snakes could come up with.

It was a win/win situation for them because they were targeting the young black males for prison, targeting the communities to complete ruin, starting gang warfare and getting all of the poor to kill themselves for the money and drugs. Not to mention it created a dependency program so they could further hook our people on their altered pills that got us off the other altered drugs they made.

The psychologists are nothing more than spies for the government that know and possess secrets like a Priest or Doctor. Their job was to flood the streets with pills like Percocet, Vicodin, Methadone etc to create a society of zombies. Its all been apart of their plans of a new world order and all about genocide of the poor.

Saddam Hussein was working with the cia and George Bush the old man while he has head of the cia funneling the drug money to Iraq to kill off the Shi population and take over Iran for the Occult. Saddam Hussein was a great great grandson of King Nebuchadnezzar and rebelled against the anti Christ system this is why he was killed for all the world to see.

Infiltration of the Truth Movements:

The illuminati was behind the death of many trying to promote the truth about the world and whom controls most of it or tries to control it.

William or bill Cooper was killed so that Alex Jones could promote the agenda that the elite wants promoted. The entire purpose of Alex Jones and Ron Paul are to round up the truth members and gather lists of patriots that want to expose the truth and do what is right. Alex Jones makes millions of dollars because he is a fear monger, he is promoting fear and scaring the poor into buying items that aren’t needed.

The elite allow men like Alex Jones and Jessie Venture to expose what they want exposed and make money by selling shirts, merchandise, dcs, dvds, advertising and all other methods. If Alex Jones was truly against the new world order and not working directly with the vatican he would have been killed by now like Bill Cooper, JFK, MLK and many more true patriots. Ron Paul

Notice the Hail Satan hand signs and the freemasonic handshake? Ron Paul’s mother is an eastern star and his father was a freemason. Paul said he respects the freemasons and was apart of a secret fraternity in college. Ron Paul is nothing more than a puppet working directly with the elite families.


By Ray Cayton 2008 Killuminati Soldiers aka Undeniably Elite on Myspace.

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